Saturday, July 20, 2013

Some Austrian SYW Kurassierregiment Standards

Once again, these are on display at the Heer (Army) Museum in Vienna (Wein). The flags then the regimants found below.

The Austrians seem to have taken quite a few from some famous Prussian regiments!

I am not sure but I believe this may be a captured French standard. For sure, the one behind it is. Because they were in the same case leads me to think it is French. I wasn't smart enough to shoot the accompanying narration.....
I will repost this one someday as it shows a battery on the march and how they prolonged guns.

If they ever reprint this book, I would like to be the first in line to buy one!......

....and this one, especially!

It has color examples of all the regiments in the army at the time (circa SYW.) from a period artist. One would think that the museum would be offering prints like those shown behind the open page book above. Sadly, they don't in the gift shop/resturant.

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