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Saturday, July 20, 2013

The German Army Museum in Berlin (Includes Ottoman Armor and Weapons)

Just a few items that may be of interest. This time, I am including 18 and 19th Century items of interest.

A fine example of Ottoman Armor

 Finely jeweled weapons of the Grand Vizar

Shields and plate armor- Look at the amount of jewels that ornate the weapons!

Pistol and holder- again Ottoman

Cav standard from TYW that perhaps existed in 1704? It was on display for Bleinheim and Eugene. Same with the next flag.

WSS Austrian Cuirass w/helmet

And something you don't see many references for....

A side saddle for a Lady of  Considerable Standing

(Note the attached small sword)

A WSS period Imperialist Drum (sorry for the bad pic, but the color was unusual for me.)

Now we move to to the capitulation of Ulm, 101 years later.......

A captured standard from Ulm
When Napoleon left the Waterloo Battlefield in 1815, he must have been under some sense of urgency. The following articles were found in his Berline Coach when it was taken by the Prussians.

Napoleon must have either left without his spurs or this was a second pair!

Hope you have enjoyed these. I have a LOT more of interest, but it's late here.


  1. Very nice pictures. I put your blog in my favorite list.